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About Us

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“The heart of restoration is the restoration of hearts”

We are a fellowship of brethren in ministry drawn from different parts of India. We are joined together by the Spirit into a relationship in the Son the Lord Jesus Christ for fulfilling His own eternal purpose. The vision that holds us together is the vision of God’s Eternal Son and His glorious Bride, the Church. Our burden is the fullness of Christ. It is not the establishment or extension of a movement; not the propagation of a particular teaching; nor the constituting of a new “Fellowship” but CHRIST ! We have no tradition to keep going and nothing here on this earth that we want to preserve.  We think that we have something, however little,  of God’s thoughts and intentions for His Son.

If we do not follow generally recognized and established system and order of organized Christianity, it is only because we have seen how much this limits real spiritual measure and so often takes up His place and His way. We feel that the New Testament shows that the Holy Spirit can do His work quite effectively and adequately. Hence, for silent, steady, deep and growing spiritual work it is possible to dispense with very much that has become the strength of the Christianity of our times.

Our Genesis

The genesis of ‘oil n wine’ was in the year 1979. The Lord burdened us during that period to name the fellowship in Delhi as ‘GOOD SAMARITAN FELLOWSHIP’.

Many look at the incident of the good Samaritan in the scripture as an example of compassion and the help one has to extend to the another. However, there is something very prophetic about it. There was a man robbed, wounded, bleeding, dying and lying on the wayside. The Priest came that way and he looked with compassion. He could do nothing more. Then came the Levite. He too was compassionate perhaps, but could do nothing more than say a few words in sympathy. Why was it that they could do nothing? It was because they did not have anything. These reputed men who have a name and a position in the society had nothing to give to this waylaid man! Then came the Samaritan. Here was one who was looked down by the Priest and the Levites and even by the people of that time. Yet, he was the one who had the oil and the wine that could save the life of this wounded man. He poured the wine and cleansed the wound and dressed it with oil for the healing.

The spiritual interpretation is that, God has called us to be like the Samaritan. We are often looked down by many in the spiritual world as ones with no reputation and fame. However, the Lord would have us to pick some who are spiritually wounded and who are looking for reality and truth in this spiritual walk. They are robbed by the religious system and are living without hope. The systems of men and the approved men of today’s Christendom can do nothing except share some good words of compassion. God has His remnant who are not recognized and who are looked down upon by the systems of men. However, they have something that the religious men do not have.  Thats the oil and wine. The oil is the picture of the Holy Spirit and the Wine is also a picture of the Holy Spirit. A remnant, a ministry with a double anointing, a ministry of restoration. This has been true as we look back to the many years that have gone by. It’s a ministry of restoration!