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What You Are Saved For Is Far Greater Than What You are Saved From

about Us


We are a fellowship of brethren in ministry drawn from different parts of India. We are joined together by the Spirit into a relationship in the Son the Lord Jesus Christ for fulfilling His own eternal purpose. The vision that holds us together is the vision of God's Eternal Son and His glorious Bride, the Church. Our burden is the fullness of Christ. It is not the establishment or extension of a movement; not the propagation of a particular teaching; nor the constituting of a new "Fellowship" but CHRIST ! We have no tradition to keep going and nothing here on this earth that we want to preserve. We think that we have something, however little, of God's thoughts and intentions for His Son.


Joy Thomas


Foundational Teaching


God’s true remnant will not allow the self to rule their lives.  This is where the Apostle Paul makes a distinction between those who are spiritual and those who are not.

Teaching on Christian Maturity


Those who are dominated by their carnal nature make allowances for the flesh in their lives.  As we have seen, the self in all its multi-dimensional forms moderates the lives of those who are carnal.

Global Certification


The interests and the concerns of the self dominate their life.  In contrast, the life of the remnant is very different