ACTS 3:21

“Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, WHICH GOD HAS SPOKEN by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began.”

God has a definite plan for His redeemed people and for His overcoming church in the earth. He will preserve His people through His pre-determined word.  God will preserve the church of Jesus Christ by His spoken word. In the midst of the very darkest of situations, God will preserve His church by a word that has proceeded from His mouth.  In the face of calamities and in the midst of the darkness of tribulation, God will preserve His people by the words He has uttered. Saints, we shall be kept by His word. It is by the spoken word that we shall be preserved. The word that He has spoken and determined before the foundations of the world will come to our help.  Great statements have been made in His Word, but always remember that these have not been made by men. They are not the statements of men.

These are the words of the Lord, spoken and determined before the world began! God has said that He will preserve His church. He has spoken. He has a definite, certain, precise plan for His church. The Lord never panics. There is no emergency with God. Today, governments panic, leaders of nations panic and even the enemy freaks out, but God is unperturbed: He is calm.  He is not trying to initiate a plan called Operation Protection for His church. God doesn’t have an emergency plan for His Church that will somehow protect her from the hand of the enemy in the 21st century! No never! 

Let me sound a warning trumpet, dear brethren! There is every indication that in our country many things will not go in favor of  us in the coming days. It is not a time to run to the Lord and cry out to Him to protect us because adverse things are going to happen, but let me tell you that what we need to do is to draw near to Him so that we may hear what He has to say.  In these perilous times, we must know that God has already spoken; we must get to know the word that He has uttered. That is what will protect His remnant for His purpose. Let this word produce faith toward God in our heart; God has spoken a word; He has drawn a plan into existence. Long before nations came into existence, much before armies were raised by kings and great nations, God brought forth a spoken word. Before wars had spilled out upon the earth, the Lord had spoken a word.   So let us place all our trust in God in the coming days. What does this mean? Unless we draw near to God, the days are going to be very difficult. But despite all that would happen in the future,  the Lord has got a way by which He shall preserve and keep His church. God spoke His Word and plan into existence LONG BEFORE nations came into being or wars were fought on the earth.  Before the earth witnessed violence and before plagues appeared on the earth, God had uttered His Word. God foresaw it all from the beginningNothing that happens on the earth ever surprises our God.

In the end-times many terrible things are likely to happen according to the Scriptures. Jesus spoke specifically about end times in Matthew 24 and parallel chapters in the book of Luke. He spoke about dreadful things that would take place in the end-times. And there can be no doubt that these shall be fulfilled. We stand on the threshold of those terribly dark times. While that is a reality, I would like to say very definitely, with every assurance from the Spirit, that God has a precise plan for His church. That is something that must apprehend our hearts. We see a Christianity today that is only concerned with the welfare of man, the needs of man and the things of man. But though the Lord has delivered and brought many out of the systems of man, they are still  struggling to deal with this issue in their lives. It is imperative that they too come into a place of wholeheartedly focusing upon the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Men like Daniel of old never got perplexed or confused by what was happening in their midst.  This is because they realized that though there were many powerful kings that demonstrated their great power and might upon the earth, none could match the Lord of their lives. Some of the kings even boasted that they had total power over Daniel’s life.  They were fearsome, awful men who boasted they had power over lives of all others!