Here are our Vision

We are so grateful to our Lord for He has convicted us that He has called some to be overcomers who will qualify to rule and reign with God. The burden the Lord has laid upon our hearts is this vision. We believe this is important and should affect all our evangelical efforts.


We consider every soul saved as a candidate for sonship, heirship and throneship. The kingdom of God is concerned with the quality, character, holiness, righteousness and maturity (Which is revealed in Christ). But “as long as the inheritor (heir) is a child and under age, he does not differ from a slave although he is the master of all the estate” (Gal 4:1, Amplified Bible). The child is temporarily under an order of discipline and submission.  He is accountable to tutors and governors. “He is under guardians and administrators or trustees, UNTIL the date fixed by the father” (Gal 4:2, Amplified Bible). However, when the child grows into adult sonship he acquires a new place of authority in the household.  He receives authority from the Father and he is to wield that rod of authority. Our vision for the individual is that God has a definite program for mature sons in His divine economy. A true local church is the family where these sons are  developed   and brought into maturity, ready for adoption. Such local churches ought to be under the divine  governmental pattern of  five fold ministries, the tutors and governors. 


While growing into sonship is an individual and personal matter, spiritual adoption is a corporate matter.  Our heavenly Father will not adopt us as individuals. An individual cannot come  into his inheritance as an heir all by himself.  It is only in a related way that an individual can enter into his inheritance.
Joshua and Caleb were ready to go into the promised land to claim their inheritance, but they could not enter in as individuals.  God wanted to bring a whole nation into Canaan and not two individuals.  God is building such a company, even the true Body of Christ.  A company that shall be brought into all the ‘glory of Christ’.   Here and now, in this realm of time, a people shall manifest and reveal Christ.
There shall come a time when God has a vessel, a corporate vessel in and through whom His glory will shine forth in this universe.  We see this as the New Jerusalem, the glorious Bride coming down from heaven having the glory of God.  The end which God has in view for a people is to be in a spiritual sense to His universe of spiritual intelligence, what the Sun is to this universe; that every nation may walk in the light thereof; that there be no need of Sun or the Moon for there is no night.   This is to only say that God wills to have a people full of light – the light of the knowledge of the glory of God.



The quality and specialty of this dispensation is that, it is the dispensation of the fullness of time.  All previous dispensations were partial, incomplete and unsatisfactory.  They all arrived up to a point and could go no further.  They waited for another phase of God’s workings.  However, it is in this dispensation that the eternal God will gather up all things in Christ, in completion to His work. (Ephesians 1:10). The times are made full in this dispensation.   All that which did not arrive at its fullness, finality and completion in all the other ages will be made full and complete in this dispensation.
This dispensation refers back to all the past dispensations; it also refers to the future dispensations.  From this dispensation, the future dispensations will take its character and nature.  The past and the future dispensations converge in this dispensation.
This dispensation is governed by the full meaning of Christ, while all the other were in fragments and parts (Hebrews 1:1). This dispensation will gather up in one all things in heaven and all things in the earth under one Head, the Lord Jesus Christ.
This dispensation is the dispensation of the Holy Spirit.  He is the custodian of God’s eternal purpose.  Whenever God has moved in to realize any part of His comprehensive purpose, He has always done so by the agency of the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit of God has been the wisdom, the power, the energy, the initiator, the sustainer and the consummator of that which God has at any time taken in hand to bring about.  We see this in the creation of the literal universe, the Spirit of God is the agent seen initiating, pervading, conducting and always in evidence in relation to the bringing of this cosmic order into being. So it shall be in the bringing of the new spiritual cosmos into being.
Man is totally incapable of realizing any part or fragment of the great purpose of God for this dispensation without the Spirit of God. No part of it will be realized by man. The advent of the Holy Spirit at the beginning of this dispensation is the divine declaration that God must do His work Himself or it will never be done!