Here are our Belief

1. The Holy Scriptures is the inspired Word of God. It is divinely inbreathed, infallible, inerrant and authoritative. It is the all sufficient rule of faith and practice, necessary for our growth and development to full stature as mature sons of God.

2. We believe in the unity of the one true and living God revealed in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

3. The Lord Jesus Christ was born of a virgin. We believe in His eternal deity, His sinless humanity and perfect life, the eternal all sufficiency of His atoning death, His bodily resurrection, His ascension to the Father’s right hand and in the literal, bodily and personal return of the lord Jesus Christ to earth in power and glory.

4. All men are lost apart from the saving Grace of God.

5. Sin is cleansed only through personal repentance and faith in the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

6. Water Baptism of the believers for the remission of sin after repentance (Acts 2:38, Mark 16:16)

7. All born again believers have a command to be filled with the Holy Spirit according to the experience of the early church found in the book of Acts chapters 2, 8, 10,19 etc.

8. The restoration of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and five fold ministries of Ephesians 4:11, in the church today to bring us to perfection.

9. It is the privilege and the duty of every Christian with a holy life to be ‘occupied’ doing His will, as they watch and should always be ready for the Lord’s appearance (I John3:1-3).

10. We believe in the soon and personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ to this earth and in the resurrection of the saints


Our Covenant

· We confess that the Lord has placed us in this fellowship for His purpose to be fulfilled in us, acknowledging that this church will grow up to be a part of that glorious Church which Jesus said He will build.

· We commit ourselves to the Pastors/Elders and other cell group leaders and members in a relationship of love, honesty, loyalty, trust, respect, acceptance, mutual submission and correction, so that we may grow together as a local expression of the body of Christ.

· We promise to give priority to worship meetings, cell group gatherings and other occasions for studying God’s word.

· We covenant that we shall deny ourselves and take up the cross as true disciples and shall live under the Lordship of Christ so that every area of our lives, personally, financially and materially and our behavior give honor to the Lord Jesus Christ.

· We promise that we will constantly strive for the unity of the Spirit, being prepared at all times to reconsider our individual interpretations of the Scriptures in order to ensure the unity of Spirit in love, being ready to flow with the directions and guidance through the brothers in leadership in the church. At the same time we commit ourselves to allowing the Spirit to lead us into all truth and being ready to submit ourselves to the Word of God at all times.

· We promise to seek to be constantly filled with the Holy Ghost and seek to be led by the Spirit ; being ready at all times to allow the Spirit to operate His gifts through us as He wishes.

· We covenant to lay aside our individual interests for the sake of the building up of the Body of Christ and seek at every stage that God may be glorified.

· We covenant that we shall not gossip or slander or have any destructive criticism about other members or church leaders but will stand with one another to safe guard against any slander coming from outside.

· We promise to give ourselves supremely to our Lord and to labor together in prayer and in work till we see the Lord build His Church in this city.