God’s true remnant will not allow the self to rule their lives.  This is where the Apostle Paul makes a distinction between those who are spiritual and those who are not.  Those who are dominated by their carnal nature make allowances for the flesh in their lives.  As we have seen, the self in all its multi-dimensional forms moderates the lives of those who are carnal.  Their main concern is, therefore, for their self-protection, self-preservation, self-gratification and self occupation.  They seek the benefit of the self in all their dealings.  The interests and the concerns of the self dominate their life.  In contrast, the life of the remnant is very different.  The remnant of God is called, not to be dominated, governed and influenced by the self life, but to be governed and enthroned by the Holy Spirit to do the will and purpose of God.  It is no longer a matter of the ‘I’ in them, but a matter of God, the Spirit and the Word.  They do not provide any place for emotions and thoughts of ‘I think’ and ‘I feel’; they do not assert their own opinion, judgments, attitudes and views.  They seek to know the mind of the Lord on all matters.  They focus on knowing what the Spirit has to say on every issue.

There is a great amount of misrepresentation and misunderstanding concerning the Holy Spirit today.  We need spiritual discernment to know the true work of the Spirit.  That is why God has given His people a functioning body of Christ where the mind of God is made known to the church, where the Spirit of God is operating to bring His people to maturity.  It is here that the Spirit makes known the wisdom, the mind and the desires of the Father to the people.  We are not to be those who seek to determine our own ways.  Those who choose to go their own way in real-life situations and circumstances always find it difficult to stick to the center of His path because this walk is not an easy one.  Not many are able to walk the remnant’s way though they may have heard the truth, appreciated it, and even read about it in books and periodicals.  They may be able to manage for some time, even a few years, but if they are not given to the voice of the Spirit continually, they will walk away as soon as some difficult situation comes upon them.  We have to allow God to work in our inner man, and bring us into the realm and place of the remnant in Him.

When we are brought into a purpose-oriented and Spirit-governed church we have the privilege of marshalling our lives to the order of the house.  There is an input to our lives that begins to shape and govern our walk in the Lord.  Even so, it is not an easy and comfortable walk.  One needs to give himself to a disciplined, devotional walk of personal prayer and time with the Lord.  One needs to be in the gatherings of the saints to share and to imbibe the body life.  It is no longer a law that governs, but it is the law of life in Christ Jesus that prevails.  It is not a matter of this and that, but it is the law of love unto the Lord.  We leave every area of our lives open for God to come into our lives because we want God’s highest in our lives.  This is the reason why we must be open to the government of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  The life that governs us is not to do things because we have to do them, but we do them because something is being done in us by the Spirit.  What counts is what God has done.  All depends on what is done inside of us by God.  This is the higher realm in Him that God is calling us to.  Anticipating the Father’s will, looking forward to do what pleases Him—that is what we are called to be concerned with, saints.  Grace is only another word of love, and if we are in that realm of loving the Lord, then the self will not rule or govern our lives.  If we would let the Holy Spirit govern us then nothing would be mechanical; everything will be vital and important in our lives.

A spiritual man is one in whom the government of the Word is at work. In other words, if we would allow the government of the Holy Spirit to embrace our lives, He will bring us to the government of the Word.  God’s true remnant consists of those who experience the government of the God’s Word.

God sends us His Spirit to make known His Word and His will to us.  This is the mind of God for us.  Jesus said that after He left He would send the Spirit of truth to us and that the Spirit of truth would lead us into all the truth.  The government of the Holy Spirit will bring us to the government of His Word.  We cannot ignore God’s Word.  You may have your personal arguments, opinions and reasons that question, limit and even negate the Word, but in the end, God’s Word will judge everything.

When true passion, hunger and desperation re-enter your life, something will begin to happen inwardly.  It will be a new experience; it will be something that is fresh and different from anything that you may have experienced before.  Beloved saints, when passion, hunger and desperation re-enter the Church, the Lord will be manifested in the Church in a way the Church has not yet known or encountered. The reality of this truth may offend man’s ego, it may bruise man’s concept of religion, it may damage theological groundings and foundational precepts, but it will bring about a tremendous change in man’s relationship with the Lord.

The re-entrance of the Lord’s person and His presence in the Church is not something we can talk about lightheartedly.  It is an exceedingly serious matter that demands our whole attention and full consecration.  Beloved, the Lord’s person and His presence is the need of the hour for the remnant of God; this is the dire need of the true Israel of God.  To be ardent, fervent, infatuated, and obsessive for the Lord’s Presence and for Him alone, will furnish us with a novel posture; it will result in something happening deep within us.  To have a heart that longs for the Lord’s person and presence, to the exclusion of everything else, will bring about inward changes.  Without wasting time sharing about false hunger and illustrations of false things, let me emphasize that this is our great need today.

Desperation, hunger and passion will enable us to experience a new measure of His life.  It will bring about drastic changes in the inward life.    As God’s children, we may have sincerely desired that our flesh be put to death; we may have prayed to God many times to change us; we may have genuinely sought the Lord for greater measures of His life, but the reality is that none of us have experienced much change inwardly.  Why has the Lord not responded to our pleas and our cries?  We may have pleaded for many spiritual things; we may have claimed our privileges as the redeemed of the Lord; we may have approached the Lord on the grounds of our obedience and faithfulness to His Word, but nothing seems to have moved the Lord to respond to our cries.  Beloved, God will change His people only when they come to Him with a deep hunger and an appetite for more of God in their lives.  Then they shall see His sovereign hand performing a lasting work in their lives.  He will respond to the cries of those who are broken and who are yearning for His presence; He will act in response to cries of hunger for more of Him; He will not set aside the cries of those who have a desperate and frantic hunger for His person and His presence.  God will not merely satisfy them with a Scriptural Word, but He will make that Word a reality deep within.  Have you cried out to God with an insatiable hunger in your heart for Him and for Him alone, as if nothing but His presence and His person would be adequate to meet your desire?

Have you ever wondered why God hides from you?  There are times in the lives of most saints, even the most dedicated ones mentioned in historical accounts, when they felt that the Lord had been hiding from them.  But Moses was different!  He attracted the attention of God in a way that caused God to emerge out of His hiding place.  “And the LORD said unto Moses, I will do this thing also that thou hast spoken: for thou hast found grace in my sight, and I know thee by name. And he said, I beseech thee, shew me thy glory. And he said, I will make all my goodness pass before thee, and I will proclaim the name of the LORD before thee; and will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will shew mercy on whom I will shew mercy.” (Exod 33:17-19 )

Beloved, let us understand that the Lord sees all things and knows all things, but He does not choose to reveal all things to us.  In a sense, therefore, He remains hidden from us concerning some things in our lives.

About three years ago, the Lord interrupted my life and began to reveal certain things to me in a very specific way.  In His great mercy, He came out of His hiding place and unveiled a few things to me.  I cannot forget those days because God began to place within me a word concerning adopting a certain posture towards Him.  He interrupted me and my ministry and revealed what I needed to know and do.  It was a precious time.  One of the things that the Lord revealed to me concerned the difference that existed between the things that I did for Him and the things that were upon His heart! God began to show me that my favourite church services, my favourite songs, my favourite prayers, and my favourite worship meetings were not the same as His!  Little by little the Lord began to show me that whenever I felt satisfied that the worship meetings had been good and precious, the Lord was far from satisfied.  I realized that He did not feel the way I felt!   The Lord interrupted my thoughts and intents.  He revealed His heart to me.  He showed me the changes that needed to be brought about in the ministry, especially concerning the worship.  The Lord began to do something new in my life and ministry from that day.  The Lord said to me, “My son, you leave the worship meetings pleased and satisfied, but I would have you know that I, your God, remain dissatisfied with your worship,  I still remain hungry.”  From that day onwards, whenever and wherever I attended a meeting, the words that the Lord had whispered to me rang loudly in my ears.  Thereafter, changes began to take place in small measures, as the congregation began to be more sensitive to the needs of the Lord regarding worship.  There was a growing conviction within us as a church that the Lord wanted to change things, especially our worship and our gathering together unto Him!  The Lord brought about a growing expression of worship in my being!  I can but praise and thank the Lord for this divine encounter in my life.